Criminal Defense Lawyers in California

The Power of Working Together

Whether you’re charged with a DUI, domestic violence, shoplifting or a much more serious felony such as assault, rape, murder, drug distribution, human trafficking, etc., it is essential that your defense attorney explores every angle in order to do everything possible on your behalf. Remember, we are not here to “judge” you but defend you for the best possible outcome. Our criminal defense attorneys often work together. Bringing together our unique backgrounds, education, and knowledge to the table enables your will benefit from a powerful team approach to your case. The DUI lawyer assigned to you will identify all the facts & circumstances surrounding your case, similarly the lawyer designated to your domestic violence case will first get all the facts. The same process will be accomplished by the lawyer dealing with the drug charges against you, if that is what you have been accused of. Call our experienced California lawyers. Whether you are located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim or in between, we are always close to you.

Knowing Your Government Attorney Opponent

Central Law Group lawyers are familiar with the State and US Federal courts in the areas we serve, as well as the various investigators, district attorneys, expert witnesses, and even bail companies. Because of our honesty, promptness, dedication and in-depth knowledge of criminal defense processes we have built a solid reputation not just within Southern California but also in other states such as Texas or Michigan, where our attorneys represented.

Our attorneys’ decades of combined experience enable us to employ the adequate strategy as necessary for a particular given case, with an understanding that while a defense strategy may be appropriate in Los Angeles it may not be effective in San Diego, let alone Chicago or Houston. This same extensive experience includes the ability to effectively tailor our defense approach and strategy to the specifics of any client’s case while considering the trial “culture” within of the particular court hearing the case as well as the style and manner its prosecutors use to operate.

Knowing the Process

Criminal defense is one of the most complex and challenging areas of legal practice. Certain precise steps must be followed and the manner in which they are completed always proves of utmost importance in the outcome.

From prefile, arrest and booking, arraignment, release (with or without bail) to pre-trial, trial and appeal, the criminal defense process and procedures are dense and confusing. The DUI lawyer assigned to your case or the lawyer assigned to represent you with the drug charges,  or the lawyer dealing with your domestic violence offence will help you understand your rights and whether one or more of those rights were violated, it is paramount as it can weigh heavily and often positively on the outcome of your case.

Your Case Review

If you need guidance from any of our DUI Lawyers, Drug charges Lawyers, Domestic Violence Lawyers or other Criminal Defense Lawyers, we can make that happen. An in-person meeting (preferable) or a phone consultation with you will be set to discuss your case in detail. Your attorney and you will discuss the facts and circumstances of your case for the purpose to inform and counsel you about the best defense strategy available.

Your case review is always FREE OF CHARGE.


  • How serious is my charge and how strong is the government’s case against me?
  • What will the defense strategy be for my case?
  • If found guilty, what will happen?
  • How long will this case take?
  • Are there any problems impacting on my immigration status?
  • How much will my legal representation cost?

Where Can We Meet?

Central Law Group has three offices located in San Diego, Vista, Orange and serving Los Angeles. Our team of dedicated Criminal Defence Lawyers offer after-hours and weekend appointments. However, if none of our locations are not convenient for you, one of our attorneys can to meet you at your home or another convenient location.

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